Mind's Eye

In this 6-week course, your child will:

Discover how to see an object thoroughly and then render it accurately with fundamental drawing skills (contour, gesture, composition, perspective, shading, etc.)

Explore mindfulness to strengthen focus

Build confidence and creative authority by bringing their own visions from concept to completion

Learn from an experienced teacher with an uncanny ability to connect with kids and draw out their unique talents

Wow themselves by making art they never would have imagined they could make

For questions, please contact Ian at ianoftheingrams@gmail.com

Address details will be shared upon completion of payment.

“There is a difference between teaching someone how to make drawings and teaching someone how to be an artist. While helping kids learn to draw, I want to simultaneously help them uncover and gain a working knowledge of the internal landscape that makes them unique, fostering confidence in that inner world as a guiding artistic vision.”— Ian Ingram

Ian Ingram has been a professional artist for 15 years, represented by galleries in New York and Los Angeles. The father of two kids age 7 and 9, he has founded and led an art camp for elementary students and has taught private lessons.  He has numerous works in museum collections. Private collectors include Sir Elton John and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Ian studied art at Washington University and Tyler Art School in Rome, Italy, and received a BFA from the University of Georgia.

Mind's Eye for homeschoolers, Mondays, 10:30-12 noon


Mind's Eye for homeschoolers, Mondays, 10:30-12 noon



What: Six-week session of art lessons

When: Mondays, Sept 9th- Oct 14th from 10:30-12 noon

Where: Ian Ingram's private studio near Barton Springs in South Austin

Class size is limited to 7 students.

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