My recent work has been pairs of self portraits that explore and depict one element of my psyche and then its opposite polarity.  This has been rewarding because it gives a sense of balance.  "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."  This is one of the pillars we use to define reality and anything that supports this law provides grounding and comfort.  Recently, however, I have noticed that bouncing from one polarity to its opposite in order to encapsulate a whole, is missing something.  If we extend this metaphor to our physical realm, it would be like landing on the north pole and then traveling as fast as possible to the south pole and claiming to understand the whole world.  Sadly, that would mean I would never know what it is like to live in Austin, TX, and I love living here.  This is my home and the experience of "home" is a totally different type of knowledge than those polarities offer.