Clever Idea Mind

This piece began with a duel.  Staring at 7 feet of white paper, my Clever Idea Mind charged out of the gates with wild abandon and flung his "Ideas" all over the place.  The slow editing mind began the review process and was seduced a few times, smitten a couple of time, wowed and dazzled here and there, but ultimately vetoed each "Idea" for lacking integrity.  This period of time is like an adolescent love affair with wild mood swings from cocksure touchdown dances and declarations of revolutionary genius to pure self-loathing.  This should be a predictable conflict but it catches me off guard every time.  The challenge is one of endurance, I just have to keep saying "no" to the ideas that don't touch the timeless until my Clever Idea Mind surrenders and all I am left with is the work of drawing.

The work of drawing is the same battle, but it's in the field of action, not Ideas.  Drawing accurately means consistently disregarding what the Mind thinks it sees and devoting the hand to what the eye actually sees.  This implies a hierarchy: that what the eye sees is better than what the mind thinks it sees, and generally I feel that this is true.  I believe that what goes on inside a flower is more amazing than what I could make up about what goes on inside a flower.  I believe that what actually happened in the cosmos to create our sun and earth is exponentially cooler than what religions and creation myths have come up with.  I believe that there is more grandeur available to an individual when the ego can step aside and stop insisting upon its point of view as the only right one.

That said, I was not immune to Nancy Reagan's propaganda films with fried eggs, and so I too think a mind is a terrible thing to waste.  I have been looking for a good use for this mind and feel that I am on to something with the work I have been doing in this drawing.  In the case of witnessing this grid that I have been seeing, the mind is subservient to the eye, but active at the same time.  I am trying to make sense of what I see and I feel echoes of Darwin trying to make sense of the evidence that was staring back at him from a bone or a butterfly proboscis.

Stay tuned for "Why Blue?"